Interpreting Services

Face-to-face or by telephone, our skilled interpreters can help in every situation. With experience in industry, government and education.

Written Translations

One sentence of advertising copy or a project report in excess of 100,000 words? If it's text, we can translate it whether its papers, posters, powerpoints and spreadsheets.

Desktop Publishing

Do you already have a design in mind? A corporate look or a favoured font? We will work to the specifications that you provide.

Other Services

Do you have a message to communicate? Important documents to publish: reports, statements, press releases or marketing materials.

Prime Production works with a wide range of domestic and international clients. We have a proven track record working with many United Nations agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations, Financial Institutions and International Tribunals across the world. All our linguists are native speakers and fully certified in their profession. They have all signed a non-disclosure agreement and adhere to our code of conduct. 

At Prime Production, we enjoy the challenge of meeting deadlines and always go that little bit further to ensure the end product is of the highest standard. Our aim is to help our clients achieve their objectives at the best possible price. We always offer a solution to all your needs.

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Sustainable Development

Our survival depends on our environment. With rapid population growth, expansion of citiesand ever-increasing consumption of natural resources, sustainability is the principle on which communities depend. Prime Production works with key strategists in delivering the message of global sustainable development.

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Gender Equality

Equal treatment legislation, gender-mainstreaming and the economic empowerment of women: some of the areas where huge advances have been made. But the work is far from over. Prime Production is supporting numerous agencies striving to achieve gender equality. 

UN Women is the United Nations agency for gender equality. It is responsible for landmark agreements such as the Beijing Declaration on the human rights of women and girls, and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

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Human Rights

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. Freedom from persecution, fair treatment before the law, access to education, health-care and decent living conditions, these are all fundamental human rights. 

Prime Production provides services to numerous specialised agencies dedicated to ensuring that the world's citizens enjoy their rights. Article 3, Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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International Law

In an age of globalisation, law transcends borders. Business and commerce, the creative industries, scientific research, air and sea travel, all are bound by international codes, regulations and standards. In justice too, nations are adhere to fundamental principles with international tribunals established to rule on crimes against humanity. 

Prime Production has numerous clients with expertise in international law.

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Politics, the judiciary, defence, sport, public contracts: these fields should be above suspicion, beyond reproach. Corruption is more than cash payments stuffed into unmarked envelopes. It is the misuse of power, traffic of influence, disregard for the rule of law and disrespect for human rights. 

Transparency is about creating an environment where illicit deals cannot take place. It is about demanding accountability from power. Prime Production is proud to work with two of the world's leading advocates for transparency.

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Money talks but business is transacted in multiple languages. As financial operations become increasingly complex, clarity of communication seals the deal. Prime Production delivers sterling service to the finance sector. PricewaterhouseCoopers employs 184,500 people in 157 countries. Globally recognised as a market leader, it offers multiple financial services including audit and assurance, economic forecasting, business recovery and risk management.

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Prevention, treatment and eradication of deadly diseases is a global undertaking. Language must not be a barrier to health. Prime Production supplies linguistic expertise for two of the world's most important medical agencies. UNAIDS is the joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS working for universal access to prevention, treatment and care. It aims to reverse the spread of HIV and contribute to the Millennium Development Goals.

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Our team of linguists have a wealth of expertise in the Sports sector. Prime Production provides translation, interpretation and transcription services to many of the world's largest media outlets such as Sky Sports, Sky Sports News and the BBC. We provide document translation, pre and post-match interviews and press conference interpretation with players, managers, club sponsors and in many situations, the club owners themselves.

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Prime Production's largest clients request our services mainly in the subject fields mentioned on our toolbar. However, many of our other clients entrust us with their key documents in a variety of subject areas such as Marketing, Public Relations, Legal, Science and Technology, Environment, Tourism and Telecommunications.

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Translation Memory

Prime Production has created its own CAT tool called Prime One Stop to fill the void other applications have not addressed.


Prime Production holds the ISOs relating to Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2008), Information Security Management (ISO 27001:2005), Health and Safety Administration Systems (OHAS 18001:2007) and Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001:2004).

Language Requirements

Prime Production works in over 200 languages and at the moment we have opportunities for linguists to work with us in the following combinations: 

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